5 Amazing Tricks To Use AI As a Content Writer!

AI writing tools in content writing has been increasing rapidly. If you're also a writer learning to use AI to make your content more effective, check out the article below.

Shocking! Here’s How AI Can Be Useful To A Content Writer!


In today’s era of digital data, where every click, swipe, and scroll leads us deeper into a labyrinth of content, artificial Intelligence opens up a new realm of possibilities in the content industry. It is a technological marvel that provides various AI writing tools that generate content resonating with human emotions, preferences, and desires. AI has revolutionized content writing with its remarkable ability to create, analyze and personalize data. AI is an optimization tool that makes your content more refined. 

This article will explore various ways we can use AI to write content, enabling you to harness its potential to connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

What is AI Based Writing Tools? 

AI-based writing tools are platforms that assist writers in generating quality content. They enhance the content in various aspects during the writing process. Such tools suggest synonyms, check grammar and spelling errors, and recommend simpler alternatives. 

The mechanism behind these tools is the use of machine learning and natural language processing algorithms that make these AI-based writing tools helpful to writers in understanding and analyzing the data. These platforms work towards improving the writing standards by personalizing the AI content concerning the writer’s needs. 

While writing, AI can customize the content per the writer’s needs. These tools produce error-free articles consisting of various facts and figures. They build exciting narratives and appealing visuals and graphics, making the writer’s text more engaging. 

5 Tricks In Which AI Can Be Useful For A Content Writer

To Generate Content Ideas

AI content writing is an easy-to-use tool that generates creative ideas according to emerging writing trends. These AI-driven tools analyze the writer’s target audience and enable them to create engaging content ideas for their readers. They can also produce related images and videos that enhance the appearance of the content. It saves the writer a lot of time while also producing high-quality content.

To Receive Keyword Suggestions 

AI can also suggest powerful keywords that firmly affect the content style. They make these suggestions based on the search history of the target audience. These words optimize the content in a way that it has a chance of being ranked higher in the search results. With the help of keywords, it becomes easier for readers to find helpful information online.  

To Create a Blog Outline

Using AI for content writing is an effective and easy way to structure and create the desired framework for writing the blog. It helps the writer to organize their thoughts systematically. AI can arrange the content within proper headings and subheadings, providing a suitable word count for each section. It also maintains a coherent flow that keeps the readers hooked to the content. 

To Write Engaging Blog Titles 

The first impression is the last; hence, a blog’s title is the first thing the reader notices. Studying the target audience’s preferences helps generate a catchy blog title that snags their attention. With the help of AI that analyses these preferences, writers can create titles that engage the audience right from the beginning of the blog. Moreover, you can let the AI help you with a strong title that has keywords and 

To Check the Tonality of the Article 

In content writing, AI technology can also detect the article’s tone. To express emotional sentiments through an article, using the right words in the right places is extremely important. It can be done using the tone identification technique of various AI tools that provide context-based analysis and suggest better alternatives to get the writer’s point across accurately.

Understand The Don’t Of AI Writing Tools

Never Use AI to Write the Whole Content- 

AI is just a tool and should be used for assistance in content writing. Writers should rely on something other than AI for content writing. The content is based on patterns and statistics, lacking originality and human perspective. It fails to mimic the emotions that help the readers to connect with the content. The authenticity that a writer offers can never be depicted by AI-generated content. 

Never Use AI to Generate Facts

Depending solely upon AI to generate facts can be risky as the AI-driven tools operate on the data they have been provided. Verification of such factual data is necessary as the credibility and accuracy of data produced by AI cannot be trusted. The human element has to be involved in this verification phase to cross-check whether or not the given information is valid.  

Never Use AI to Rephrase Articles

Rephrasing articles through AI may result in cases of plagiarism or duplicate content as they may resemble already existing articles on the web. AI may alter the context of the original content, often misinterpreting the meaning of the article. The tone and writing style of the original content also gets distorted after rephrasing, which reduces the impact of the article’s voice.

Should AI Writing Tools be Used by Content Writers? 

A survey by Fortune Business Insights reveals that between 2020-2027, the use of AI in the business and marketing sector will supposedly rise by 33.2%. AI writing tools have made content writing exceptionally convenient, bringing in high-quality content in just a click. AI tools are a cost-effective solution that is available 24×7 and does not ever have writer’s block. 

An AI content writer gives better results in boosting the productivity of the content. Naturally, it sounds like it is everything a brand needs in a content writer, or even better, but the reality is far from it. The content needs to connect with its target audience to increase a brand’s voice. 

While AI may be great at producing informative content, it still falls short of exhibiting its personality. Hence, writers must balance using AI-based writing tools and their unique voices. With AI technology working concurrently with writers, we must remember to utilise it to our benefit, but only to a certain extent. 


AI’s impact on the content industry is undeniable. It redefines content writing by empowering writers with helpful tools that make their content more interactive, help in increasing engagement, and personalise the produced AI content. As AI technology evolves daily, a world of new possibilities is waiting to unravel. Inkshed Content Solution believes in providing authentic and original content writing services and invites you to explore these horizons with us. So, let’s unlock the power of words together today! 

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